Week One- The Monday I Actually Did Start

Day 1 (SDog)
5:30 am- clocked in at a svelte 152.8.  I was definitely torn between feeling inspired by my new high in the week I have allowed my scale to have batteries and feeling like this gigantic zit on my cheek must be contributing.  How does one gain almost four pounds by sleeping? And despite burning a decent temperature all night and fearing strep, I made it to boot camp this morning.  This is my fourth time going to this class in the last year and it has now become a cross between Silver Sneakers and The Biggest Loser, so working on my own personal motivation will be key.   I also downloaded an app called Lose It- which counts calories by using the bar scanner on food.  If I want to get back to 130 pounds, with a goal of losing 2 pounds per week, I have to  stick to 1,000 calories a day (more with exercise), which would put me where I want to be by early April.  The moral of the story being, get fat and you’re stuck with it for a while, and you will have to starve and work your ass off to lose it again. It’s funny, I remember reading Sweet Valley High when I was a kid and there was this chubby girl who they were trying to remodel and I can distinctly remember thinking that I kinda wished that some day I would gain a bunch of weight so I could wow everybody with my crazy dedication and radical transformation into a hot, rad body.  I’m pretty sure Sweet Valley High Soccer Moms would have just repeated the same scenario over and over.


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