Week 2 > Wrath of Abs

Monday morning is weigh-in time and we get to see the results of our first week of fitness challenge. It also kicks off Abs Week where we make an extra effort to concentrate on our core. Outside of strategies for concealing muffin top – I haven’t given this area much thought over the past, say, five years. Speaking of muffin top, Heather’s blog Muffin Top is a good source for health and fitness inspiration.I googled some resources for ab exercises for reference during the next week:

Active.com – Top 8 ab exercises. I like this resource guide for the clear illustrations.
Sparkpeople.com – 15 minute ab workout video – straight forward and a minimal time commitment
Sarahfit.com – Sarah is a personal trainer and maker of slightly valley-girlish fitness videos. She has assembled a very organized and totally awesome fitness resource library. Thanks Sarah.

This just in: My boyfriend walked by, squeezed my arm, and said “still mushy”. Charming. Now on to Wrath of Abs challenge > Full Power, Damn You!


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