positive mantras

“At least I don’t have a big penis nose.”

Total fat hysteria time.  I woke up this morning at the weight I was the last time I had to take a good hard look in the mirror and admit I was seriously out of control. I want to freak out and scream and bat the fat off like a plague of cellulite.  I kinda feel like I can’t breathe and I want to say hurtful things to myself about what an awful partner I am to arrrt arrrrrt around the house like an elephant seal in lobster jammy pants.  NO WONDER he is playing video games on his phone until it’s shower and read a book time.  In a dedicated panic, I bought two large bags of lemons and swore that I would starve and do P90X at the same time.   blahhhhaaahahaha………fatness even makes my hair look dumb.


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