Setting goals and doing the work

From kdog: I would like to lose 22lbs. I want to fit into a pretty pair of jeans I bought 4 years ago that have been sitting in box for 3 years since I outgrew them. The goal setting is easy. As I start this 8 week challenge, my goal is to lose 10lbs. That is a healthy rate – a little over 1lb per week. I know what I need to do – eat healthy, work out. But how am I going to stick to it? Here is my ‘make it stick’ note-to-self tip list.
A. Recruit your friend who will be a maniac about fitness, who has done this before and will keep you inspired. Thanks sdog.
B. Document progress. I’m obsessed with before/after photos of just about anything. My dream jeans will be my prop. Also weekly weigh-ins and measurements.
C. Make it fun. Roller skating, hiking, biking – all things I love that don’t make me think I’m working out per se. Time to get the body moving. I want to do more activities that I already love but don’t do enough of like taking my camera on power walks for photo excursions – more of this.
D. Be prepared. This is challenging. To me this means that I prepare meals, have the right foods on hand, pack snacks and have my workout clothes at the ready for post work sweat sessions. I need to have an idea of what I will eat for the day so I don’t do any rogue snacking. It will be a change in routine.

So that is my neurotic weight-loss strategy note-to-self. I will be doing this for a while until it becomes routine. Photos of dream jean sausage forthcoming.