Just crawled out of a black hole > A call to arms

It was not a bad hole. It had birthday beers and snicker doodles but it did send two weeks of the challenge into a void. But I’m back and this week the focus is on upper body and Madonna arms (minus the veins). Woo-hoo. Here’s to kicking off a week of clean eating, barbells, modified push ups and 5 dates with the Gym. If I hit my goals this week I will reward my noodle arms with a manicure. So I’m putting it out there — Come next Monday I hope to honestly brag about:
* Meeting and not exceeding calorie goals for 6 days
* 5 days of tough workouts with a special emphasis on upper body.
* Daily tracking of activity.


Wrath of Abs week > progress report

Truth: I’ve been a bad girl. I have charts, inspiration links, complex calorie counters but I do NOT have the will to deny cookies or go for runs this week. It is day 4 of 7 in the Wrath of Abs challenge week. I have done two days of ab workouts and plan to do at least two more but I haven’t done jack squat for any other exercises. You know what? My abs don’t even hurt. That, my friends, will not release my inner foxy spirit animal in time for summer bikinis. I’m just putting it out there as a note-to-self to go to the gym 2xs this week before the next weigh in and birthday cake indulgence. Despite traveling this weekend I want to up my workout game before the Monday weigh in. 159…I have my eye on you.

Goals-come on head, get in the game



I am sort of overzealous and neurotic about things, with wandering focus. If I’m going to clean the kitchen; I start with the spice cabinet or finger prints …and four hours later, the Turmeric is the only thing that is where it belongs.  I only started giving a crap about exercising about a year and a half ago, and as soon as I managed to run three miles on the treadmill; I signed up for my first half and then full marathon.  When I quit training (four months ago); I took up binge eating Sour Patch Kids and Buffalo Wing Combos (no, they are not good). In fact, I have not run one single mile since then. I think actually, I am more obsessive than generally neurotic.  I picture neurotic people having clean cars all the time.  I was going somewhere with this? Oh right, goals. As a result of my not-always-directed-in-the-right-place OCD, I kinda suck at setting goals.  I will see that something needs to happen and will set a goal, but my head is more worried about whether the spice cabinet stayed clean.  I hope that the fitness spirit can woo my neurosis back to wanting nothing more than to be healthy and fit and abdelicious, cause right now, I am hyper-focusing on wall hangings and nothing else.  If not, it’s on me and it’s going to feel a lot more like getting a root canal than taking care of myself. 

Week One- The Monday I Actually Did Start

Day 1 (SDog)
5:30 am- clocked in at a svelte 152.8.  I was definitely torn between feeling inspired by my new high in the week I have allowed my scale to have batteries and feeling like this gigantic zit on my cheek must be contributing.  How does one gain almost four pounds by sleeping? And despite burning a decent temperature all night and fearing strep, I made it to boot camp this morning.  This is my fourth time going to this class in the last year and it has now become a cross between Silver Sneakers and The Biggest Loser, so working on my own personal motivation will be key.   I also downloaded an app called Lose It- which counts calories by using the bar scanner on food.  If I want to get back to 130 pounds, with a goal of losing 2 pounds per week, I have to  stick to 1,000 calories a day (more with exercise), which would put me where I want to be by early April.  The moral of the story being, get fat and you’re stuck with it for a while, and you will have to starve and work your ass off to lose it again. It’s funny, I remember reading Sweet Valley High when I was a kid and there was this chubby girl who they were trying to remodel and I can distinctly remember thinking that I kinda wished that some day I would gain a bunch of weight so I could wow everybody with my crazy dedication and radical transformation into a hot, rad body.  I’m pretty sure Sweet Valley High Soccer Moms would have just repeated the same scenario over and over.

Setting goals and doing the work

From kdog: I would like to lose 22lbs. I want to fit into a pretty pair of jeans I bought 4 years ago that have been sitting in box for 3 years since I outgrew them. The goal setting is easy. As I start this 8 week challenge, my goal is to lose 10lbs. That is a healthy rate – a little over 1lb per week. I know what I need to do – eat healthy, work out. But how am I going to stick to it? Here is my ‘make it stick’ note-to-self tip list.
A. Recruit your friend who will be a maniac about fitness, who has done this before and will keep you inspired. Thanks sdog.
B. Document progress. I’m obsessed with before/after photos of just about anything. My dream jeans will be my prop. Also weekly weigh-ins and measurements.
C. Make it fun. Roller skating, hiking, biking – all things I love that don’t make me think I’m working out per se. Time to get the body moving. I want to do more activities that I already love but don’t do enough of like taking my camera on power walks for photo excursions – more of this.
D. Be prepared. This is challenging. To me this means that I prepare meals, have the right foods on hand, pack snacks and have my workout clothes at the ready for post work sweat sessions. I need to have an idea of what I will eat for the day so I don’t do any rogue snacking. It will be a change in routine.

So that is my neurotic weight-loss strategy note-to-self. I will be doing this for a while until it becomes routine. Photos of dream jean sausage forthcoming.